We are a wedding photography and videography company bringing smiles to happy couples for nearly a decade. We provide amazing photos and cinematographic videos for all sorts of occasions, from Nikah ceremonies, tea celebrations, traditional weddings, cultural or asian weddings, lalea celebrations, zaffe occasions and mendi weddings.

Based in Sydney we are a specialist wedding photography & videography company who have brought smiles and timeless keepsakes for hundreds of couples for nearly a decade.


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The Art of Wedding Photography

Every so often we experience an event so captivating, so memorable and unforgettable. Times which make us smile, cry and reminisce. The same definitely applies to weddings. Weddings are a time to remember, and what better is it than to capture such timeless moments that can be looked back upon for a lifetime and beyond. This is where wedding photography come into the mix. Through photography you are able to take with you everywhere you go endless memories. As pictures can tell a thousand words, the stories and memories that they carry are infinite. Whether it be a photograph in your wallet, a wallpaper on your phone or a framed picture on the wall of your home anywhere you can imagine you can carry the love and memories of those you hold dear with you. As a time to remember wedding photographers are integral to capture those special moments. It is important to choose photographers you trust, are familiar with, and you know will capture artistic pieces of art. Nonetheless, photography services on your wedding day, pictures of the bride, groom and family, are a must.

To create time less memories that would last a lifetime. Memories, gifts, presents for family, friends, to even hang on your wall

Capturing Sydney along with its partnered affiliates have brought smiles and timeless memories to hundreds of couples for nearly a decade. Our vast experience and technical expertise in the field of wedding photography for the hundreds of brides and grooms allows us to present one of Sydney’s most Premium wedding photography & videography services. Whether it be Traditional Weddings, Mendhi, Asian tea, Lalea, Zaffe, Christian church ceremonies, Nikah celebrations or even the quiet backyard weddings, we have been through it all, our services not limited to any form of wedding or cultural celebration. Inquire today about what we have to offer, as well come read about wedding videography services that we have to offer.


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    Amazing! I’ve been reading through your site, just sent through my inquiry about my daughter’s wedding. I can’t wait to work with all of you!

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