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Luke & Isa, love with an artistic flair

The day started with joy of to-be husband and wife, Luke & Isa at their homes, Capturing Sydney at both locations ready to capture every since moment. As part of our service to capture every special moment our team was split, a photographer and videography at each home as Luke prepared his suit, welcomed his friends and close family, and had a few drinks to start the day. Isa was the same, preparing her gown and heels, kissing and hugging her parents before leaving the house in convoy to the ceremony. Our team captured stunning shots, highlighting the simple yet elegant style of Isa’s gown, the intricate elements of her home showcasing her neo-artistic flair. Luke’s home was very welcoming, a home overlooking a river filled with abundance of his parents and friends. Family shots and happy shots galore. As our teams followed Luke & Isa we eventually reunited at a wonderfully staged dock overlooking the sombre Balmain River.

Love can come in various forms. Love in this story, is one of artistic elegance and ornamental style.

Vowels were shared, rings were exchanged, their love solidified. The dock made amazing shots, the light from the sun was beautifully muffled by the clouds above. From the pink dresses of the bridesmaids, the matching suits of the best men and the ornate gowns worn by all the guests made amazing pictures which Luke & Isa loved. At the night we stayed in the above dining cabin, classical wood ballroom flooring highlighted by warm lighting made the perfect backdrop to present the bride & groom’s speeches thanking their parents and all who came, and most of all thanking each other for a lifetime of happiness each has brought into the other’s life. As the hours went by, hundreds of wedding photography shots were made until the final goodbyes and thank you. We made cinematographic videos that can be found all over our social media, capturing every moment from the early morning bustle, walking down the isle to the night speeches. Thank you Luke & Isa for allowing us to capture your special day!

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